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CMS Application Overview

Why Project Management is Important for Government Agencies

CMS - Who get's to see what?

 Offenders don't stay in one place.
Why should their cases?

You feel the pressure to keep your community safe and hold offenders accountable. Stand up to it, and rise above, with CMS

Each and every day, criminal justice professionals throughout the U.S. rely on CMS. The software is designed for jurisdictions of every size. Whether you’re in Miami, Florida, or Muncie, Indiana, you can manage caseloads and detention populations with unprecedented ease.


  • JCMS (Juvenile Case Management System)
  • ACMS (Adult Case Management System)
  • JCMS and ACMS were designed to get the day-to-day work of case management done. Both are tools for line staff to easily and effectively record an offender's progress. Information captured by line staff may then be utilized by management to perform planning and agency resource management.

  • FMS (Facilities Management System)
  • FMS is all about integrating information sharing to those who need it. Whether you need a facility at a glance or details on a specific offender, the information is there at your fingertips or in the "Palm" of your hand.

  • CMS Mobile
  • CMS Mobile runs winthin a browser and can be used on most smart phone, tablet, or computer browsers. The CMS Mobile application frees up case managers to get their work accomplished whenever and wherever they are.

  • DSA (Decision Support Analysis)
  • DSA provides comprehensive in-depth studies of selected information, allowing different ways to slice and dice data. For example, DSA allows you to determine quarterly trends; track recidivism rates; and analyze criminal charges by age group, ethnicity, gender, or zip code. Multi-dimensional analysis enhances perspective and gives insight to develop effective solutions.


  • Make better decisions with better information
  • Take your caseload with you either on a lapto, tablet, or smart phone
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Improve interagency communication


  • Merge data from CMS application into word processing documents
  • Visual ad hoc query tool
  • Automate existing risk/needs tools into software
  • Track restitution, programs, placements, community service work, and hearings

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Update your case load instantly in the field!

CMS Mobile runs winthin a browser and can be used on most smart phone, tablet, or computer browsers.  Now you can manage your caseloads where the kids are. Update information as you get it, ensuring its accuracy. Make notes on the fly. Key in data once, and only once.

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