Offenders don't stay in one place.
Why should their cases?

The following provides information on funding sources and opportunities, that jurisdictions may be able to take advantage of.

JAIBG:(Juvenile Accountability Incentive Block Grant)


…A commitment to accountability imposes a new set of expectations and demands on the juvenile justice system as well. It requires an increased capacity to develop youth competence, to efficiently track juveniles through the system, and to provide enhanced options such as restitution, community service, victim-offender mediation, and other restorative sanctions that reinforce the mutual obligations of an accountability-based juvenile justice system…

JAIBG funds may be used to develop programs in 12 program purpose areas as established by Congress. The CMS software application satisfies the following:
6. Provide funding for technology...

7. Provide funding to enable Juvenile Courts...
10.Establish and maintain interagency information sharing...
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CFDA:(The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance)

To provide products and services designed to increase the flow of technical information and technology into the world marketplace. To serve as a principal source for the public sale of U.S. Government-sponsored technical information products, related business information, research in progress information, machine-processed data files, computer software, and to serve the information dissemination needs of the Federal Government.
Office Of Justice Programs:

The Information Technology Initiatives web site is an Internet-based resource that enables justice professionals at all levels of government to access timely and useful information on information sharing process, initiatives and technological developments. It shares a wealth of helpful information such as integration profiles for states, compilations of information sharing experiences, funding approaches, system descriptions and overviews, and model integrated systems.
NCJRS:(National Criminal Justice Reference Service)

Types of Funding:

Much like other Federal agencies, offices and bureaus within the Office of Justice Programs (OJP) provide three types of funding to State, local, and private agencies and organizations: Formula (or Block), Discretionary, and Congressional Earmarks. Note that most of OJP and other Federal agency grant funds are dispersed through Formula programs and Congressional Earmarks.