Offenders don't stay in one place.
Why should their cases?

6. Providing funding for technology, equipment, and training to assist prosecutors in identifying and expediting the prosecution of violent juvenile offenders:

A full featured case management, detention population management application provides more information to prosecutors to make better decisions concerning the prosecution of violent juvenile offenders. With an integrated case management information system, prosecutors have access to information tracked by probation departments and detention centers concerning criminal history of each offender, programs participated in, the types of custody arrangements previously tried with each offender, and in general their compliance with court ordered probation conditions. Communication between the entities that work with juvenile offenders can be further enhanced through the use of automated email notification based upon specified events. A sophisticated integrated information management system should provide the ability to set events such as the issuance of warrants for detention on juvenile offenders. Such an event would subsequently trigger an automatic email to local law enforcement officers or school resource officers. The sooner notified, the sooner law enforcement can take action and thereby expediting prosecution of offenders.

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