Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. "A required .DLL file, ODBCCP32.DLL, was not found." error during the install of CMS. What causes this?
    Cause: Missing ODBC (Open Database Connection) drivers. This file is installed during a typical install of Microsoft Office 97 or later.
    Solution: Run a typical or standard install Microsoft Office 97 or greater.

  2. "TMSD5.bpl file is linked to missing entry point wininet.dll:httpsendrequestexa" error during the install of CMS. What causes this?
    Cause: This is caused by an outdated (older) version of the wininet.dll file.
    Solution: Internet Explorer V.4.72 is the oldest working version to be tested with CMS. If you're running a newer version of Internet Exploer and still get this error the file was probably replaced by another program. Install/Upgrade Interenet Exploerer to version 4.72 or later.

  3. How do I add a new realtionship name to CMS?
    First - Add the new name to CMS with the "New Name" or "New Relationship" workflow.
    Second - Use the Relationship screen to the create the new relationship.
    More Help - Click Help o the Help menu to view instructions for using workflows or the Relationship screen. If you don't have the help files you can download* it here.

  4. How can I create a document template?
    Solution:  This is an administrative task requiring access to CMS maintenance utilities and will normally be complete by your CMS administrator. If you are the administrator, access help in Maint for information about how to create document template. If you don't have the CMS Administration help file you can download* it here.

  5. I see the files but I get an error when I try to download the Manuals. How can I download them?
    Cause: Your Internet Browser is configured to automatically open the files.
    Solution: Once you see the list of manual documents do the following,
    1. Right-click on the file you want to download.
    2. Select "Save Target As" from the pop-up menu.
    3. Select a location to save the file. Remember this so you can find it later.
    4. Click "Save" to start the download of the file.
    Note: This process can be used to download any file from our site.

  6. I'm getting an "Invalid Character" error when I run a document template that worked fine yesterday. What's happened?
    Cause: An update to Office Word 2002 has been applied. SP1 version 10.2627.2625 or greater will have this problem.
    Solution: A small modification in the template will need to be made. Inform your CMS administrator so they can contact CMS support for assistance.

  7. I need to reinstall CMS. What do I need to do?
    Solution: The install file is located on a shared folder on your CMS server. If this isn't availabe the install file and installation documentation can also be downloaded from our downloads webpage. A username and password is required to download the files. Contact CMS support for a username/password.

  8. I can't log into CMS. When I open CMS, the updater starts and I get a  "Cannot create CMS.exe" and "Server not Responding" error. What's happening?
    Cause: CMS.exe is trying to update itself, but the file is still opened and cannot be overwritten by windows which causes the "Cannot create CMS.exe" error.
    Solution: We've modified CMS.exe so that this won't happen in the future, but you will have to run the updater.exe to fix the current CMS.exe. Please follow these steps:
    Step 1 - Right-click on the CMS icon and select "Properties" from the list.
    Step 2 - Click the "Find Target..." button on the CMS Properties windows.
    Step 3 - Double-click on the "Updater" file in the list.
    Step 4 - The updater will update CMS.exe and show the login screen.
    This should only have to be done once. CMS can be opened normally after this process.

  9. I'm trying to install CMS, but no files will download and I'm getting a  "Server not Responding" error. Other computers are running CMS, so I know that it's up. Why won't it install?
    Cause: CMS.exe is trying to update itself, but isn't able to connect to the middle tier.
    Solution: There are several things you can check:
    Step 1 - Open a DOS window (Click Start/Run/cmd) and type ping followed by a space and the address or name of your server. If you get a message "Response timed out" then you don't have a network connection to your server, or you have the wrong Address or name for your server. Double check that your network cable is plugged in and that you are using the correct name or address, and try again.
    Step 2 - In some circumstances, other software can 'grab' the network and not release it. This will preclude CMS from making a connection. Close any other open software (Including any browsers) and try again. If that does not resolve the problem, open the Task Manager (right click on the gray task bar and click on Task Manager), go to the Processes tab, and then click on the Image Name to alphabetize the list. Look for anything that starts with Java or JREW. If either are running, highlight them, and then click the End Process button, and then try to install CMS again.

  10. Are there any issues with CMS and XP Service Pack 2?
    Solution: CMS was tested immediately after the release of SP2.  Starting with a base install of XP Professional we installed and tested CMS.  After installing SP2 we continued to test CMS in the under the same conditions and experienced no problems.
    Note:  No configuration changes were made to the default SP2 setting during our testing. The computer used in this test did NOT belong to a Domain or Active Directory.  Individual or Group Policies specified by your technology administrators may affect the default configuration of the service pack.  We recommend testing CMS with SP2 prior to installation on all computers running CMS.   Please contact your technology administrators and/or CMS Support if you have any questions.
    Test machine specs:  1.8Ghz CPU, 512MB, 120GB hard drive, & XP Professional SP2.

  11. When trying to print a specific section of an Internal Report the report is sent to the wrong printer even though I selected the correct printer.
    Solution:There are three work arounds for this know issue.

    1. Rename the printers to be listed alphabetically.
    2. Print the entire report.
    3. Print select page(s) from a computer with only one printer installed.

* Username and Password are required to download files